Appropriate market strategy is the key

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Appropriate market strategy is the key

In the new epidemic period, pharmaceutical enterprises, as the main force of China Africa medical cooperation, how to avoid the negative impact of the epidemic, grasp the development opportunities, turn “danger” into “opportunity”, and realize the better development of Sino African medical cooperation, it is the key to formulate appropriate market strategy.

1、 At the policy level, the strategic layout should be closely followed by the favorable policies. China Africa medical cooperation started late, has a weak foundation and is highly sensitive to policies. President Xi Jinping announced at the seventy-third World Health conference held in May this year that China will establish 30 Sino African counterpart hospital cooperation mechanisms, accelerate the construction of the headquarters of the African CDC, help Africa enhance disease prevention and control capability, and at the special summit on Sino African solidarity and epidemic prevention held in June, said that China and Africa will accelerate the implementation of the Beijing summit of the China Africa Cooperation Forum and focus on cooperation. Health care and other fields are inclined. It is of great significance to grasp the general policy trend of overcoming difficulties and building a health community between China and Africa, and give full play to the guiding role of favorable policies for specific joint ventures and cooperation projects.

2、 Product strategy: keep close to the demand of African market and look ahead appropriately. Up to now, the proportion of infected people and mortality rate in Africa are still at a low level compared with other countries and regions, and the proportion of newly diagnosed and dead cases in the world is less than 4%. According to external observation, the current epidemic situation in Africa has entered a stable period. However, Africa’s weak medical infrastructure, lack of detection capacity, inadequate prevention and control and other factors, do not rule out the possibility of worsening the epidemic situation. According to the latest observation of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention, the epidemic situation in some African countries has been on the rise after falling back and stabilizing in September. It can be predicted that in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic situation, personal protective equipment, detection reagents, disinfection and other products related to epidemic prevention and control will still be popular for a period of time. At the same time, African countries are also very concerned about the research and development of new coronal vaccine. The market prospect of vaccine products with low price, convenient storage, easy transportation and vaccination is very good, and relevant parties can make a good layout in advance. In addition, according to the data of the world bank, more than 90% of the medical device products in Africa rely on imports, and medical equipment and disposable consumables are in short supply. In light of the actual supporting conditions of specific regions and countries, we can select products with low access threshold, moderate technology content and large market demand to carry out investment cooperation.

3、 Market choice: major national markets still need intensive cultivation. There are many African countries with various policies and regulations, and obvious market segmentation. Therefore, it is necessary to give full play to the regional advantages and radiation role of key countries. On the whole, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and other countries have a certain foundation and advantages in policy environment, population size, industrial level, market capacity, business environment, location advantages, access restrictions and cooperation willingness (especially epidemic prevention and control), and can make intensive efforts in brand building, channel marketing and social responsibility, Play a guiding and exemplary role.

4、 Embrace innovation: solve the difficulties in cooperation with innovation. The first China Africa economic and Trade Fair held in 2019 has achieved fruitful results in policy exchange, project negotiation, achievement display and mechanism construction, laying a solid foundation for China Africa cooperation and innovation in various fields, including pharmaceutical cooperation. In September this year, Hunan pilot Free Trade Zone officially started to build a pilot zone for China Africa deep economic and trade cooperation, carrying out innovative construction in cross-border RMB settlement, barter trade, economic and trade incubation, supply chain financial support, comprehensive services and logistics channels. In addition, the online cooperation platform represented by China Africa economic and trade fair and kilimall has a good development momentum. Generally speaking, the construction of the pilot area can provide a new solution to the difficulties in investment and financing, supply and demand docking, logistics access and other aspects in China Africa pharmaceutical cooperation in terms of mechanism, online platform, and logistics transportation.

5、 Resource Integration: borrowing resources from international organizations, financial institutions and industry organizations. The African pharmaceutical market has its own characteristics. It is one of the core competitiveness of the African pharmaceutical market to give full play to the resource integration advantages of international organizations, industry associations, investment and financing institutions and leading enterprises in subdivided fields, so as to share the benefits and risks. For example, when carrying out specific joint venture cooperation projects, we should pay attention to the convenience of international organizations such as the World Health Organization in adapting international standards, use the financing support of investment and financing institutions such as China Africa Development Fund and the Silk Road Fund, and make use of the international cooperation platform, domestic and foreign policy coordination and industrial resources of China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of medical and health products and other industrial organizations to explore the cooperation with Shenzhen Companies such as Mindray, Neusoft medical, BGI, Shanghai Pharmaceutical and humanwell pharmaceutical, which are in the forefront of cooperation with Africa, have carried out cooperation in the feasibility study, operation and other business of hospitals, industrial parks and other projects in combination with our industrial advantages and African market demand.

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